Spent the weekend in the whiteroom? 5 ways to recover and hit the reset button.

What a weekend! Powder skiing/riding is tough to beat. 

Now it's Monday and your next weekend adventure is already starting to get in the way of the TPS reports you have due this afternoon. As you daydream about bottomless pow turns you remember your legs are still fried from Saturday and Sunday. The burning question here is, "What do I have to do to recover so I can get after it again next weekend?". 

This is a timeless dilemma for the working stiff powder hound, a group I consider myself part of. Here are 5 tips for a fast and effective recovery as you prepare for another round of bell to bell turns in the deep.

  1. Compress
    • Consider some compression on your legs following hard efforts on the hill or in the gym. The harder you train the more you need to recover and this technique is about as passive as it gets. Compression socks and leggings are a great start to your recovery process. These garments provide graded compression to the limb and help accelerate the bodies recovery process by moving fluid and metabolites out of the limb. This can result in feeling fresh the day after a really hard effort. Easy. 
  2. Hydrate
    • Yea it's cold but you're still sweating. Quick fix, drink fluids. Not PBR though, that won't help this situation. It can be a pain in the ass to hydrate on the hill. I always carry a Klean Kanteen with some hot apple cinnamon Skratch. So good! Physical exertion and high altitude mixed with dehydration is a super mix to ruin your day. Don't be the guy/gal sitting in the lodge at 11am exhausted because you forgot to drink for half a day. After your day take proper care to hydrate in the same way you would after a long bike ride in the summer. 
  3. Mobilize your hips
    • You spent the whole day in some sort of hip flexion. The whole day! Give the front of your hip a break. Got some low back pain from moguls? This will help that too! Must keep the tail tucked and trunk tall, for more quad opening elevate your foot. 2-5 minute static holds, low intensity.  Video below. 
  4. Mobilize your thoracic spine
    • You had a pack on all day today didnt you? Knew it! Your mid back is probably mad. Give it some love with a rotation mobilization. You should be able to rotate up and look at the ceiling, easily. 30 reps both sides. Video below.  
  5. Sleep
    • Your body performs its healing functions while you are sleeping. Late nights out will cut into that time significantly. Don't skimp on this recovery strategy if you are serious about stacking up days in a row of hard efforts. Nothing on this list will replace a good nights sleep. If you are on a trip in unfamiliar surroundings consider an eye mask. Eliminating light can help your sleeps effectiveness for recovery. 

Go take your recovery seriously so you can get out there and get rad again next weekend!