Treat the cause, not the symptom. Seriously.

Stop treating your symptoms and start treating the cause of those symptoms. Your time and money are valuable.  Don't waste them by spending time on treatment that doesn't address the root cause of your dysfunction.

I firmly believe a vast majority of the pain I see in the clinic is driven by movement faults. Almost daily I see dynamic valgus, pelvic drop, excessive internal rotation at the shoulder and quadriceps dominance to name just a few.  All of these patterns result in varying patterns of pain such as anterior knee pain, iliotibial band pain, shoulder pain, etc. 

Let's take anterior knee pain for example.  One brand of this pain is patellar tendon irritation. A symptomatic treatment style might include cross friction massage to the patellar tendon itself.  I wont spend time arguing the merits of cross friction massage but will instead argue for the superiority of a movement treatment style.  I see these patients generally present with quad dominance and tend to load the anterior knee/patellar tendon significantly more than the hip and glute group.  If you want to stop the pain lets focus on loading your hip more and your knee less.  Simple.