You are what you repeatedly do.

You are what you repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

While this quote may or may not be actually be attributable to Aristotle, the person who uttered the words knew what was up. Top level physical performance is not an accident in the same way top level performance in the business world is not an accident. CONSISTENCY is key.

To play you need to show up. To win you need to show up consistently. Willing your shoulder pain to back off is not enough!  Willing yourself to lose weight is not enough You need to get after the root cause of your pain every day. You need to exercise and eat right every day. EVERY DAY!

As a society we've become obsessed with "overnight success". Staring at a smart phone for most of the day we expect info/results fast. There is no such thing.  Skill mastery is a long road. Running, riding, lifting are skills.  To become a master you need to own your consistency. 

We often advise athletes that movement retraining is a long term investment. No overnight success in the sports world.  No one is undefeated. Get out there and own your recovery, your weight loss, your performance goals. Invest in yourself, everyday!