The cost of getting rad

Yes, there is a cost to getting rad. Get over it. If you treat your body like shit, you're going to pay a price. 

Everyone wants to play hard and recover fully overnight with no effort required.  Doesn't work that way. If you spent all week sitting behind a computer and then went out for a 6 hour bike ride on Saturday you are going to need some serious work on your hips. Not a fifteen second hamstring stretch or a few passes on the foam roller.  You need real mobility work. Most of us sit WAY too much and don't spend nearly enough time taking care of our soft tissues. Real athletes need real recovery work. Humans need full range of motion.  Your hips are designed to work with FULL range. Stretching into a range is not full range.  You need full range, instant access. If you've been at a desk job for 5 years achieving full range is going to take some time.

Reality check, today is the oldest you've ever been. You've spent plenty of time in compromised positions.  Get proactive, move well and don't wait until you're broken to make changes. 

Here are a few examples of our favorite hip mobility movements.