Take your pre and post ride routine seriously.

Warming up for a training ride or a race? What should you be doing? Is riding at an easy pace enough?

Preparing your body for a ride should be more than simply getting a sweat going before you hit the road or trail, although that is a good start. We want to prepare your tissues for the positions required for your sport and prime the musculature that will aid your performance. Following the ride you should also spend some time working on ungluing tight tissues as step one of preparing for your next event. 

We get questions every day about what a proper, full body warm up should look like pre ride and post ride so we made a video for you. It covers our favorite dynamic warm-up movements, activation pieces for upper and lower extremity and the most needed mobility work for cyclists of all disciplines. This takes time, we know. If you are spending a lot of time on the bike your body deserves to be taken care of. Don't wait to start a routine like this because you have to. Get proactive and maintain your body better than you would maintain your bike. You have one body, take care of it. 


Your race day prep may be a more abbreviated program if time is a limiting factor, we included our go to race day sequnce in the video.