Get out of your comfort zone this year

Get out of your comfort zone this year.png

2019. A new year. Maybe you’ve got new goals for the year or a vision for how you’d like this year to play out. I know I do! My theme for the year is embracing being uncomfortable. Getting out of my comfort zone daily. It hurts but I am already seeing results.

Your comfort zone is not keeping you safe. It is holding you back.

So many of us grab on tight to the safety of what we know. That could be a training program, a routine, even a sport. Familiar is comfortable. If you aren't constantly challenging yourself you are moving backward. Whether it be learning a new skill, revisiting a fundamental lift or improving your mental game, if you aren't pushing your limits in one area of life you are really moving backward.

Once you realize that all your goals are sitting on the other side of your comfort zone the sooner you can take action toward achieving them!

We are starting up our Level-Up 2019 Challenge starting on Monday, January 14th. Join us, get uncomfortable, do something new, feel better this year.