Cross is coming! Are you ready?

Not all cycling specific strength training programs are created equal.

Cross is most definitely coming!.....Are you ready? 

Don't be left in the metaphoric dust secondary to ill preparation, or even worse, miss races with a nagging injury. Prepare yourself now to reap the benefits through the season. 


Program Includes:

10 week programmed strength cycle created specifically for the demands of cyclocross

Proven strategies for injury prevention and body maintenance throughout the season

Designated mobility for cyclists with "homework" in between sessions

Sessions prepared and implemented by Certified Strength and Conditioning coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy


Starting July 20th through September 28
10 week mobility and strengthening (1 x week)
Limited to 15 participants per class (on-line sign up) 


10 weeks



As we gauge interest for offering an evening class please email and we will keep you in the loop.