Racing enduro this year?

We are too! Look no further if you are in need of a strength and mobility program leading up to your 2017 races.

Not all cycling specific strength training programs are created equal.

We are excited to offer a 12 week strength/mobility training program for enduro mountain bike athletes. The program will focus on improving mountain bike specific strength, power and endurance while allowing for ample on bike time as the weather changes. Now is the time to take action and train your body right for the race season. Don't wait until February to start your strength work.

The program will include 3 days of in gym strength work and 3 days of mobility/activation work. We have two options for remote clients. First a $150 option for remote programming via our online platform We also have a $300 option that includes 3 video calls, one prior to the program and two throughout to ensure proper technique is being utilized and physical limitations are being addressed effectively. 

For local Boulder/Denver athletes we have several options for use of our facility as well as one-on-one sessions as needed. With enough interest we will also open up a group training session in our facility with coaching and programming done by Dane. Contact for more info about in person training options.