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We want to offer more value to you, our loyal customers, with new fitness offerings. We will now offer 13, 1 hour sessions, weekly for you to choose from. An unlimited membership will cost $199 monthly and allow you to select from any of our available fitness sessions. Drop in rates will be $30 per session. All programming will be performed by one of our expert strength coaches. Programming will be performed with the idea that participants will be coming to sessions multiple times weekly. You can come once a week or you can come everyday if you want. All levels of fitness will be welcome! We can scale the intensity of the class to your individual needs. 

Benefits of a membership:

  • initial movement screen to assess areas of focus for you to work on
  • unlimited monthly fitness and yoga classes
  • access to our recovery boots and mobility tools, anytime we are open 
  • a true injury prevention mindset, these classes are a great compliment to your post rehab program if you are coming back from injury or looking to avoid one in the first place

Mountain bike strength/power, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings with Dane. This class is meant to prepare your body for the rigors of mountain biking. Whether you race or just want to do more adventure riding in the mountains we will program a blend of strength, power, endurance and mobility so you enjoy your rides even more. 

Lunch HIIT, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 12:00p with Matt or Brian. High intensity interval training with some classic strength and power movements mixed in. Yes, of course, you'll get your fair share of mobility too. Need a quick but very challenging class? Here is your best bet. 

Kettlebell HIIT, Tuesday and Friday at 12:00p with Hannah. Kettlebell focused movements with traditional strength work to get your metabolism running.

HIIT for endurance athletes, Monday 6:00p, Tuesday 6:00p, Wednesday 5:30p, Thursday 5:00p and Friday at 8:00a. Endurance athletes, this is for you.  A perfect blend of interval training, single limb strength work and force development work to supplement your run, ride, climb or hike training. 

Alignment Yoga for Athletes, Alignment Yoga for Athletes is a one-hour class designed to build strength and flexibility through the emphasis of forms and actions within yoga poses. This all-levels class moves at a slower pace in order to gain the full benefits of deep, powerful inner body alignment. This highly effective strengthening and stretching class has a weekly focus on athletes’ hard-to-open places - hips and hamstrings, quads, glutes, lower back, shoulders, and more. Enhance your athletic performance and experience what deep release feels like!

You must sign up online to reserve your spot in a given class. 

Monday's 7:30a-8:30a, 12:00p-1:00p, 6:00p-7:00p

Tuesday's 12:00p-1:00p, 6:00p-7:00p

Wednesday's 7:00a-8:00a, 12:00p-1:00p, 5:30p-6:30p

Thursday's 6:30a-7:30a, 8:00a-9:00a, 12:00p-1:00p, 5:00p-6:00p

Friday's 8:00a-9:00a, 12:00p-1:00p