A skier, runner, backpacker, climber, yogi, and all-around sports lover, Hannah is passionate about training hard and having fun! Her approach to training is simple—train movement patterns, not individual muscles. She believes in building highly effective, time-efficient workouts that focus on functional fitness. Her favorite gym tool is the kettlebell because of its versatility—you can get a full body workout that develops strength, cardio, core, and athletic ability, all in one session. Before moving to Colorado in 2015, Hannah was the Training Director at Seacoast Kettlebell (NH), a gym rated by Men’s Fitnessmagazine as one of“the 50 best gyms in America”.

Hannah is currently in pursuit of a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her scholastic endeavors provide you tools through body assessments, corrective exercises, and a deeper understanding of biomechanics. She is particular with form, proper alignment, and creating body awareness. Hannah is also a certified yoga instructor who specializes in mobility for athletes and “stiff dudes”. While she LOVES lifting heavy, she also wonders, “What good are those massive guns if they are all jammed up and rusty?” Training with Hannah will get you moving with fluidity, strength, and confidence!

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