Kim Springborn


Kim is always ready for a new adventure, whether a local 10k, 50-mile trail run, or a 100-mile mountain bike race. As a busy mother of 2, wife, RRCA Certified Run Coach and ultra athlete, she also understands the need for balance.

Kim’s background in athletics brought her to where she is today. She played Collegate Soccer and Basketball, then after graduating she quickly transitioned to racing Triathlons and did so for the following 8 years. After having her 2 children she quickly transitioned into trail running. With the freedom and the ability to lace up and get out it became an adventure and the freedom that she needed and she truly found her passion here! A few of Kim’s racing highlights include, 3x Leadville 50 Run, 2x Leadville 100 Bike, 2nd Female Overall 30k Behind the Rocks, 5th Female Overall Leadville Marathon, 1st Female BarnBurner 112 MNT Bike, 3 Year Leadville Run Camp Lead.