Winter is coming.

Don't let fate decide how great your ski/snowboard season will be.

Get proactive and take control of your preseason training.

Olympic medalist, Alex Deibold, having his movements assessed at RevoPT and Sports Performance in Boulder, Colorado.


Winter is coming! The time to prepare is now. Research is mounting on the benefits of preventative training and assessments prior to ski/snowboard season. Join us for an 8 week training class designed to prepare you for the rigors of both resort and backcountry schussing. We will be focusing on making gains in strength, mobility, motor control and power.  All of this will be done with an injury prevention goal. We will also be offering all participants a free performance screen with our 3D motion capture system and force plate technology. We use this technology along with our own algorithm to predict injury risk, specifically knee injury risk with high accuracy.  This type of assessment is invaluable on determining readiness for ski season and findings deficiencies to ensure your training time is well spent. 

There will be two classes offered weekly, one on Tuesday mornings at 7:00am and one Thursday evenings at 6:00pm, pick one that's fits your schedule the best.

Tuesday classes begin Oct 18 and run through Dec 13

Thursday classes begin Oct 20 and run through Dec 15

Class fee is $320