Return to Sport Test


You had surgery 6 months ago.  Are you ready to return to your sport? Traditional return to sport decision making occurs in the surgeons office on the treatment table. The discussion usually revolves around length of time since the surgery was performed. If you are far enough out from your procedure you get cleared to return. This type of decision making is not in your best interest. Research shows a series of specific movement patterns linked with increased risk of reinjury.  Our Return to Sport Test assesses your movement patterns, muscle firing sequence, strength and agility, providing you with an objective movement score.  This score serves as the true benchmark for readiness to return to sport, not elapsed time from surgery.  We use this testing procedure for all lower extremity injuries, not only following surgical procedures. Reinjury rates following knee surgeries have never been higher. The traditional model is doing something wrong. Ensure your rehab success with an objective test, showing your readiness.