The Revo Athletic Center

Simple is beautiful. Sports Performance at Revo is founded on mastering the basics on your way to perfecting your sport. Whether you want to run longer, sprint faster, hit harder, swing smoother, ski longer, extend your athletic career, or simply look better stepping out of the shower, REVO has the most qualified practitioners to help you reach your goals.


Our memberships revolve around our small group fitness classes. We currently offer classes focused on mountain bike strength, high intensity interval, pure strength, stretching and mobility and of course, yoga. We also plan to offer spin classes once the days gets shorter.

Enthusiast Member

  • 8 classes of your choice per month

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Foundation

  • Shred

  • MTB power and Strength

  • Indoor cycling (Winter)

Elite member

  • Unlimited access to classes

  • An individualized fitness and mobility program, delivered online, aimed at your goals

  • Open gym access to complete your strength and mobility training at our facility

  • 10% off one massage per month

Pro member

  • Unlimited access to classes

  • Customized, personal coaching program aimed at your goals

  • 1 personal training session per week with a strength coach

  • Open gym access

  • 10% off 30 minute dry needling sessions and 1 massage/month

We want to offer more value to you, our loyal customers, with new fitness offerings. We will now offer 21 weekly fitness sessions for you to choose from. In addition to the memberships listed above we will offer drop in rates at $25 per session. All programming will be performed by one of our expert strength coaches. Programming will be performed with the idea that participants will be coming to sessions multiple times weekly. All levels of fitness will be welcome! We can scale the intensity of the class to your individual needs. 

Interested in our offerings but not sure what classes fit your goals best? Purchase our new intro package that will get you one month of unlimited access to our classes, an initial movement screen, a month of strength and mobility programming and goal assessment and two, one on one half hour personal training sessions for $79. 

Looking for a more personalized program to complete on your own? We've got your covered. We will also provide strength and mobility programs for you to complete here at the gym, on your own time during our open gym hours. These workouts will be delivered daily via truecoach, formerly fitbot, an online platform. Questions about a specific movement? Great, we will have coaches on the gym floor to assist you with your program. Programs can be tailored to any health and fitness goal. Most programs will include 3 days or more per week of strength training and 4 days per week of mobility and activation work. Programs will be billed on a monthly basis, $139. 

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Mountain bike strength/power

Prepare your body for the rigors of mountain biking with our resident MTB nerd, Dane DeLozier.

The class focuses on the strength, endurance, motor control, and mobility demands required for shredding at max capacity. All fitness levels are welcome as we can scale the class infinitely. Not a bike nerd? It's ok, any mountain athlete will benefit from this class. 

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the quick-and-dirty of fitness training. One of the most efficient workouts around, this style of training will increase your metabolism and get you burning calories even after your workout. The ultimate sweat sesh.


Love those workouts that feel like a grind? These classes will train both your body and mind to keep you moving at a sustained pace that pushes the limits of “comfortable”. Classes will play around with pace, tempo, and strength while developing both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.


Long-time cardio-junkie intimidated by the weight room? Workout newbie? Just coming back from injury? Or maybe you just want to be sure that you’re doing it “right”? This class is for you. We will break down the moves and get you lifting, running, jumping, and moving with pro-level form. Oh yeah, and you’ll definitely sweat.


Up-level your recovery, increase your resilience, and move pain-free! Classes will utilize a variety of recovery tools such as the foam roller, lacrosse ball, voodoo floss, barbells, body wrench, etc. Have nagging ache in your knee or pinch in your shoulder? Come to class and address the problem at the root. Increase athletic potential, decrease injury and feel better.

Raw Strength

Looking to crack walnuts with your butt cheeks? This class is for you. Looking to PR your next endurance race? This class is for you. Looking to walk into the office on Monday with Mother-of-Dragons-level confidence? This class is for you. Learn proper lifting technique. Build strength. Make gains.  Do your thing better.


This all-levels class is designed with the athlete in mind. Each class incorporates flowing postures to build stamina and long holds to work deeply and mindfully. Sessions aim to address key areas of the body that can become tight through sports activities and other fitness training such as hips, hamstrings, quads, lower back, and shoulders. Add yoga to your recovery and enhance your range of motion, flexibility, sleep, core strength, balance, muscular symmetry, and overall athletic performance. Stiff dudes (and dudettes) welcome.

Indoor cycling

Schedule coming soon


Personal Training

Efficient Movement. Balanced Strength. Optimal Performance.

Looking for a more personalized option for your fitness goals? Personal training sessions may be more your style. These session are designed as 60 minute, one on one sessions with one of our expert strength coaches. These sessions can be tailored to any goal you have in health, wellness and fitness. We train athletes of all disciplines and ages. Ranging from middle school athletes preparing their bodies for the rigors of more advanced training , masters athletes looking for a National Championship, weekend warriors trying to get a better fitness routine to maintain their health and even professional athletes needing an edge to get that last 1% improvement. Prices vary depending on your coach but sessions start at $85.

We will also create a specialized strength and mobility programs for your team or group. Please email us at for more information