Efficient Movement. Balanced Strength. Optimal Performance

Simple is beautiful. Sports Performance at REVO is founded on

mastering the basics. Whether you want to run longer, sprint faster, hit

harder, swing smoother, ski longer, extend your athletic career, or simply

look better stepping out of the shower, REVO has the most qualified

practitioners to help you reach your goals.


Individual and Group Training

Sport Specific/ Team Training

Technique Analysis

Individual / Group Training

Our individual and group training is provided by a Revo strength coach with highest certifications in sports performance. We are experts in movement and athletic performance, and want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 


Sport Specific / Team / Group Classes

Classes range from 8 week blocks to year round training


Team Training

Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Swimming

Looking to make varsity? Take your game to the next level? Efficient movement, base strength and speed are what separates good and great athletes. 


Ski Preparation

Training specifically designed for injury prevention and on snow performance- helping you last a full day of aggressive riding as well as increasing your confidence and decreasing non-contact injury risk. 


Triathlon Training (Long and short course differentiated)

Triathlon is a very unique sport and should be treated as such in preparation. Our staff cares for multiple world class triathletes and is passionate about your swim+bike+run performance. Targeting injury prevention and race performance, our training will take you to the next level you've been looking for.


Running Maintenance and Training

Running is a sport and should be treated as such in preparation, maintenance, and movement analysis. We offer running specific strength training and maintenance to keep you feeling better and injury free.


Cycling Performance

The best cyclists in the world know that strength training off the bike is paramount to achieving their race goals and success. Climb faster, sprint harder and watch you wattage skyrocket!


Mountain Bike Preparation

Mountain biking is a unique mix of leg strength and endurance, as well as upper extremity stability and trunk control. Melding all of these demands requires total body control and coordination that can only be achieved with adequate preparation and training.


Performance Run Coaching

If you are in need of help with programming for your run training and race goals, check out Peak Performance Running and Lifelong Endurance. With trusted coaches and philosophies we love collaborating with these groups to help our runners.