State of the sports science lab


Movement matters. Knowing how you move and WHY you move that way is critical to improving performance or reducing pain. A vast majority of the physical issues we see in our patients are movement related. The naked eye is not fast enough to gather objective data from most movements. We use cameras that gather info at 120 frames per second so we can not only slow down even the fastest movements but also overlay joint angles, muscle activation patterns and ground reaction force data.

Yes we use this technology on professional athletes but it is useful for anyone. If you want to feel better running a 5k or want to know if you are at risk for an ACL injury this ski season we can help you. This technology helps us get to the root cause of your symptoms faster and ensure our treatment choices are working for you as we track progress. 


Bike Fit


A proper fit on the bike is imperative for full enjoyment and pain free riding.  We believe cyclists must be evaluated on and off their bike for a complete understanding of their basic movement patterns. These patterns displayed off the bike directly correlate with an individuals performance on their machine. All bike fits at RevoPT are performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a comprehensive orthopedic examination and movement assessment. Equipment changes are common, especially saddle choice. We believe a proper fit hinges on proper saddle selection. Recommendations are also provided for future physical maintenance routines and home treatments as indicated. We find that all fits are improved with a proper physical practice that may include mobility work, stretching, activation or movement retraining.       


Gait analysis for pain relief or performance


Humans were designed to walk and run, pain free. Pushing through that nasty pain you get a mile 2 of your run is not cool. Bad habits are easily formed and often go unnoticed.  A proper gait analysis can help identify functional limitations and movement dysfunction that can lead to pain or poor performance. We utilize the data we gather during this analysis to help with diagnosis of pain driven patterns but also as a way to improve performance and efficiency during training and racing. Proper sequencing of muscle activation and overall body position is critical for long term health while running and full enjoyment. Our analysis includes a full physical evaluation as well as high speed video analysis on and off the treadmill with EMG.


Return to Sport Test


You had surgery 6 months ago.  Are you ready to return to your sport? Traditional return to sport decision making occurs in the surgeons office on the treatment table. The discussion usually revolves around length of time since the surgery was performed. If you are far enough out from your procedure you get cleared to return. This type of decision making is not in your best interest. Research shows a series of specific movement patterns linked with increased risk of reinjury.  Our Return to Sport Test assesses your movement patterns, muscle firing sequence, strength and agility, providing you with an objective movement score.  This score serves as the true benchmark for readiness to return to sport, not elapsed time from surgery.  We use this testing procedure for all lower extremity injuries, not only following surgical procedures. Reinjury rates following knee surgeries have never been higher. The traditional model is doing something wrong. Ensure your rehab success with an objective test, showing your readiness. 


Prevention Strategies


Injury prevention is a multi faceted concept.  Research guides our prevntion strategies.  The assessment begins with a physical assessment of range of motion, strength and soft tissue mobility.  We finish with high speed video motion capture and EMG testing for muscle firing patterns.  The data we gather allows us to individualize a program to your specific needs.  Whether you are looking for a preseason screen to ensure readiness for your upcoming competition or a mid season tune up we can provide various levels of screening to match your needs.