Founded in 2015 by  three physical therapists looking for an environment to apply our full skill set. That facility did not exist.  We created it.  

We feel our clients should benefit from our full knowledge base and receive the care they need when they need it, not when an insurance company deems it necessary.  We charge what our services are worth.  To provide you with the utmost quality of care we do not have contracts with insurance companies.  We do act as an out of network provider, meaning we collect payment for our services and provide you with our paperwork to submit for reimbursement to your insurance carrier.  

At REVO you will always work 1 on 1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 60 minutes.  Colorado is a direct access state, meaning no physician prescription is required to utilize our services.  We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment all of musculoskeletal sources of pain.    

REVO believes in the use of diagnostic technology to gather objective data in order expedite the evaluation and  treatment process. There are known movement patterns that increase injury risk.  Through the use of technology previously reserved for research settings we can identify those patterns quickly and accurately.  We strive to find the root cause of your pain or performance limitation and fix it.   

Physical Therapists

Strength Coaches

Massage Therapists