REVO Physiotherapy & Sports Performance is changing the way sports medicine services are delivered


The RevoPT advantage revolves around state of the art biomechanics technology, high speed motion capture and EMG, that seamlessly applies sports science in a rehabilitation and sports performance setting.  

Our standard of care is a 60 minute, one on one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Our technology driven approach allows us to obtain accurate, objective data and optimize your treatment, improve your athletic performance and prevent injury.

REMINDER, our new facility is at 3550 Frontier Ave, Unit D. Boulder, CO 80301

Physical Therapy

From post operative care to return to sports training we will provide you with the most comprehensive, hands on, movement and technology driven rehabilitation available 

MOvement Lab

High speed video capture with LED markers provide  both clinician and client the most accurate and unbiased movement exam; gait analysis, return to sport testing, injury prevention screens, bike fit


Sports Performance

Looking to improve athletic performance, get stronger, look better? We implement customized training program for all activity levels to achieve personalized goals