You have one body. Take care of it.

Just one. You gotta make this body last. 

It's time to get proactive about taking care of your body.

"I know I should stretch, but I don't."
"My PT told me my hip mobility was a problem, but I haven't had time to work on it."

I get it, everyone is busy. Set that aside for a second and think. If your body and physical activities are priorities "BUT" isn't going to cut it. Period. I want to challenge you to decide just how important climbing, skiing, running or just being pain free while you are moving is to you. If you get a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach just thinking about not being able to take part of your favorite sport then I am talking to you. 

Commit to taking the steps required to keep your body running optimally. You wouldn't forget about your car for five years and then but surprised when it doesn't run anymore. Why are you surprised that your knee is killing you when you haven't taken a close look at your movement quality, stretched or mobilized in years? The current medical model we work within is very reactive in nature. Wait until you can't take the pain anymore and then go see someone to help you fix it. Sounds a little off to me. If we know your range of motion is limited and your movement quality is poor, why are we waiting until your shoulder won't work anymore before doing something about it?

Act now! So many athletes want to go to the gym and load up heavy weight or go out running for hours and hours. I get it! We all want to be challenged. Real talk, your movement faults aren't going away by doing MORE. Higher load, more reps, longer durations are making your movement faults worse. By engraining these habits now you are making it harder on yourself if you want to clean those movements up later. Fundamentals are critical. If your child is upset that they haven't made the basketball team but haven't mastered the fundamentals of the game I bet you are going to nudge them toward working on the fundamentals.

Education, business, music, we master the fundamentals first. Movement and sport are no different. When you add load, frequency, intensity on top of movement dysfunction you aare building a pyramid, upside down. It's only a matter of time before it topples. 

I will be posting more videos and blogs talking about basic human movements and the fundamentals. Commit. Own your own movements and health.