Dominique Garcia, NASM-CPT


Raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Dominique’s passion for health and fitness transpired at a young age. Being an outdoor enthusiast brought her to Boulder, CO in 2017. While enjoying outdoor adventures, Dominique equally enjoys spending time in the weight room perfecting biomechanics in both compound and isolated movements. Working with a multitude of injuries has led her to be a strong advocator and teacher of proper technique due to the importance this plays in sustainable movement and in turn, a sustainable lifestyle. 

Certified as a NASM trainer and holding a Masters in Health & Social Psychology, Dominique is also keen on the psychology behind strength training and what this means for your psychological well-being. Therefore, alongside helping you with developing proper movement patterns and practicing smart training, Dominique is also interested in behavior change, goal setting, habit building and habit breaking. 

Outside of the gym, Dominique can be found outdoors–running, hiking, biking and very likely chasing a sunrise or a sunset!

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